Bookmarks with a trick up their sleeve

Bookworthys Reading Cards are playing-card inspired bookmarks with a blank side that’s perfect for writing down your thoughts. Each pack includes 36 cards.

Pre-Order Now — $16

Expected to ship end of February

Why Bookworthys are special

Minimal bookmarks that help you keep track of the page you're on and the books you've read.

Designed for the home library

Never forget what books you've read again. No matter what you read or how you read it, keeping track is a breeze.

Long lasting, high quality materials

Each card is made out of professional-grade 310 GSM paper with a subtle linen finish and is printed here in the USA.

One tree planted with each purchase

With each order, you'll be helping to reforest our national parks and keep them healthy for generations to come.


Still have questions? Of course you do — you’re the inquisitve type! Get the answers to all of your burning questions here.

What type of pen should I use to write on the cards?

You can use any felt-tipped pen to write on your Bookworthys, but fine-point or ultra-fine point Sharpie markers tend to work best.

What is the return policy?

If you change your mind before your order ships, just send an email to and I'll issue you an immediate refund. At the moment I'm not able to accept returns after orders have been shipped, sorry.

How should I store my cards once I've filled them out?

Once you've finished a book and filled out a reading card, just put it back in the tuckbox facing towards you to start building up your personal reading index. You can also leave it tucked in the book you just finished for a shelf that speaks for itself.

Where do the trees get planted?

A tree is planted for each order through One Tree Planted, a 501(c)3 non-profit that has planted over 40 million trees since 2014. Bookworthys is currently supporting reforestation efforts in the Chippewa National Forest.

Remember every book you read this year.

Pre-Order Now — $16

Expected to ship end of February